hroughHindsight is 20/20 I was going to post this status a couple days ago but didn’t want to be all preachy.But it’s in my heart again today so I must obey and post because I know someone needs it.

You think you’re a free thinker but all of your steps and decisions in life are predestined to lead you to and get you through your purpose. It’s a reason you have the job you have now. it’s a reason you’ve met a certain person. It is a reason why certain prayers were not answered. It’s all a part of a bigger picture of your life that only God can see. God is teaching you through subliminal messages and the only time the lessons will become clear to you is when you reach your purpose and look back over your life you’ll realize the real reason you were hired for that Job or met that person or why God didn’t give you what you wanted Hindsight is 20/20. A lot of time Gods reasoning is the polar opposite of what we understand That person you met that you dislike made you stronger and that unanswered prayer would have damaged your destiny IF God would have granted it to you.



Written By: Thaddeus Summers

” The First Will Be Last and The Last Will Be First” I’ve heard this phrase countless of times throughout my life yet I never really understood the meaning behind it.I always thought it was weird and backwards. I knew enough to realize it implied the people on the top of the hierarchy on earth will be at the bottom in Heaven. Which is true but that’s just merely scratching the surface of what this really means.

Mathew 5:6 better illustrates the meaning behind this which states:” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness   for they shall be filled.”  This verse is straightforward and blunt but you still may be asking how does it apply to ” The First Will Be Last and The Last Will Be First”

Let’s get into it. As humans, we gravitate to people places and things that satisfy our flesh.  When we give into our sinful desires it provides us with temporary happiness but it leaves us empty wanting more. On the other hand, when you deny the things of the flesh it feels bad and uncomfortable BUT it’s freeing to your spirit because you’re putting God before your own selfish desires. “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”.  Which will fulfill your spirit and all that temporary happiness and pleasure ETC… Will be added to you that you thought you passed on and will fill you and make you whole in such a way no one can take it away as long as you’re seeking God first those things will come naturally.

It Irks me when I hear Pastors over-romanticizing Christianity because it leaves new believers ill-prepared and unequipped.So they feel blindsided when they come up against adversity. The truth is Christianity is uncomfortable to your flesh sometimes scary and seemingly less fun. But when you seek refuge in Gods power and put his will befoe yours he will give you everything you need everything you think you lost and everything you never knew you wanted on earth. The best part is You will be LAST on earth (in many ways) but by doing this you will be FIRST in heaven.


Do not allow satan to bait you with “Good”  things. Just because it’s good or looks good doesn’t mean it is from God. Like cheese in a mouse trap, the devil likes to put good healthy things that we need or want in situations or people that put us in compromising situations. If you have to risk your lives on earth or gamble with our spiritual integrity it wasn’t sent by God. If you have to sin to obtain it stay away.

3 Different types of people to lookout for

Here is the harsh reality of life.  Whether you’re perfect like Jesus or as evil as  Hitler You’re going to cross paths with three different types of people in this lifetime. people who have the same or similar should I say points of view on life as you. (If they never disagree with you run for the hills they have some kind of agenda) People who have totally different yet valid points of view based on morals and first-hand experiences and people who just HATES YOU and everything you stand for. At least that’s how it seems but they are miserable and/or insecure and the only enjoyment they get out of life is to make your life and other people lives a living hell. It has nothing to do with you. I say that to say this live to make yourself happy learn who you are at the core and try to become better everyday without compromising your beliefs.  It doesn’t matter how many degrees you acquire how much plastic surgery you have done how politically correct you are or anything like that you can’t please everyone and some individuals are impossible to please.