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Ugh!! This term is thrown at us women a MINIMUM of three times a day. Including bad hair days. No, Kidding! Everyone from the guy asking for some spare change at the gas station to the man that just so happened to be on his lunch break when I walk into the deli always coming at me with the exact same tired lines!

Does ANY other woman feel my frustration when I say we are SICK and TIRED of being approached the wrong way?! Seriously, the man asking for change has a better chance of getting my number over the man in the business suit that grabs my arm as I pass him in the deli.

Let me speak for many women when I say, DO NOT TOUCH ME! I see you! You are a WHOLE human! There is no missing you! Keep your crusty hands to yourself. Grabbing immediately puts women on the defense because that is a sign of attack!! Like Whyyyyyyy would y’all think it’s ok to grab us?!?! The first thing they teach in self-defense class is what to do if a man grabs you! If you feel this is biased, it’s because it IS!!

OH, and by the way, my name is not the color of my shirt, Nor is it the color of my hair or the size of my thighs. “Baby girl” is getting played out too… a simple “Excuse me miss” will work JUST fine! If you want to get to know my name? ASK! I’m just saying unless you approaching a straight up thot, women like the simple approach! I think even thots want to be addressed a little better nowadays. Fellas, Sighs! what’s up with this latest fad of not even getting numbers and exchanging social media names instead. That’s corny. I mean what are you going to do, DM me just to ask for my number? Although it does have benefits for us women it is a good way to weed out the creepers not too effective for the guys, though.!

Touching, grabbing, yelling out the passenger side of your best friends ride (you see what I did there… ) is not ok. Don’t play yourself Let it go bruh, she just is not for you! When a woman is for you, she will notice you without you having to say a word, or slide in the DM!

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