Don’t get me wrong. God loves to answer prayers. He loves to show off his miracle working ability and I think he loves having small talk with his kids. Its nothing wrong with asking God for things The bible encourages it. I have a question for you, though. When was the last time you asked God what was on his mind? Have you ever made yourself available to God?  Are your prayers self-centered or Christcentric? I think we pray for tangible things or certain situations to stroke our own ego instead of for the Glory of God.  .Once we obtain what we want we turn our backs on God and try to soak up all the credit. Yes, he wants you to have life more abundantly  But God isn’t a genie or Santa clause. If you’re a Christian just so you can ask for stuff you’ve missed the point.  You can’t measure real wealth through tangible things. You’re rich when you’re living out your God-given purpose. (not your momma given purpose its a difference sighs I know Christianity can be inconvenient).  Having nice stuff should just be a by-product of your work  Not the goal. The ultimate Goal should be to let your light shine to get the attention of nonbelievers so you can point them toward christ and he can make them disciples.