Here is the harsh reality of life.  Whether you’re perfect like Jesus or as evil as  Hitler You’re going to cross paths with three different types of people in this lifetime. people who have the same or similar should I say points of view on life as you. (If they never disagree with you run for the hills they have some kind of agenda) People who have totally different yet valid points of view based on morals and first-hand experiences and people who just HATES YOU and everything you stand for. At least that’s how it seems but they are miserable and/or insecure and the only enjoyment they get out of life is to make your life and other people lives a living hell. It has nothing to do with you. I say that to say this live to make yourself happy learn who you are at the core and try to become better everyday without compromising your beliefs.  It doesn’t matter how many degrees you acquire how much plastic surgery you have done how politically correct you are or anything like that you can’t please everyone and some individuals are impossible to please.